interiorAt Big Al’s we like to “keep it in Colorado” from the locally raised hormone free staff to the recycled and repurposed décor. Big Al’s has taken what others were going to throw away and given it another chance! At your next visit, take a good look around you might just recognize something. Perhaps our 1953 Sear’s cabinets, or ceiling diffusers that have been transformed into new light fixtures, and lumber repurposed into table tops, both from the Steele’s Market Deconstruction. Salvaged stair balusters and old fence boards were given a new life as they wrap the check out counter and columns. Old light fixtures from a Denver hotel add character to the dining area. We are keeping history alive one piece at a time.

foodSince Big Al is a one of a kind, hands on guy we thought our food should be too….from our homemade veggie burgers to our hand-cut fries.

DSC_0146To get the best hand cut fries in town we start with a gourmet Kennebec potato. These fries are cooked to a perfect crisp and then sprinkled with just the right amount of Big Al’s Special Seasoning. The result is the perfect hand cut fry.

Our hot dogs are custom made just for Big Al’s right in Denver. Our one of a kind dogs, contain an all natural snap casing.

Our wholesome burger patties are never frozen. We top the perfect burger with Big Al’s “Saucy Sauce”, the only sauce worthy of our burger worship!