Big Al's Burgers and Dogs

picture of local art

We love to see what local artists are creating!

At Big Al’s we love funky style, bright colors and supporting our Fort Collins community, that’s why our walls are covered with local art!

Details about our space and process

We have an inhouse hanging system that utilizes long poles with adjustable hooks that slide on the poles to allow art to be at different heights. It’s possible to use multiple poles on a single piece if the weight of the art is too much for a single pole. This system allows art to be hung with no damage to the wall. It works best if art is framed and wired on the back, but string has been used on the back of matts with success as well. The hooks also work well with canvas frames without needing to wire. All art must be hung using our hanging system. You are encouraged to stop by Big Al’s before you hang your art to see how it works.

We have 5 spaces that are each roughly 6 feet high by 11 feet long. Artists will need to have enough art to fill that space. It’s a good idea to have back up pieces ready to take the place of any that sell, which ensures the walls stay full and looking great and gives you additional opportunities for more sales. Your work will be up for around 3 months.

Artist needs to email samantha@hotcornerconcepts.com with at least a 24 hour notice that they will be taking down or rotating artwork. New form must be filled out that accurately lists and describes the current display of work. Artists will not do this during peak business hours which are 11:00pm-2:00pm and 4:30pm-7:30 pm.

Artwork cannot include nudity or profanity since a wide range of ages dine at Big Al’s.

Artists will be asked to make changes to their display or remove their work if they don’t abide by the hanging guidelines.

Labeling your work:
All art must have a label by each piece with the artist contact info and price. All artwork must be labeled in two places.

◦ A tag on the wall next to each piece
◦ A matching tag on the back of each piece.
This ensures the proper payment is taken for each piece.

Each tag must at least include the following information:

◦ artist’s name
◦ preferred contact info
◦ name of piece
◦ price +Tax

Tags must be hung with non-permanent tape/adhesive so as to cause no damage to the wall.  Any damage incurred must be fixed by artist.

Your work will be sold through our registers. This makes it easy for you and the purchaser. We don’t charge a gallery fee or take any money from your sale! We’ll issue you a check at the end of each month your art is up, if you’ve sold any work. We work with a wide range of prices, so be fair to yourself when decided what to charge.


If you’re interested in hanging your art at Big Al’s, please apply by sending samples of your work or a link to an online portfolio to our Art Coordinator, samantha@hotcornerconcepts.com.

If your art is selected, we will contact you to schedule a date and time to hang your work.